Lokta Paper- Unique Product of Ingenuity, Sustainability and Eco-friendly Practice in Nepal

Lokta paper is a unique product made in Nepal. People living in the Himalayas have passed the Lokta making skills over several generations. Thousand years’ old  scripts which were written on Lokta paper suggests the skill has been around for at least few thousands of years. So what is so special about the Lokta paper?

Lokta paper has some of the most desirable properties found not just in writing papers but also modern day products.

  • Texture – very soft smooth texture, and every paper has its own unique feel because of the Lokta making process
  • Durability – in ancient times, the sacred and official texts needed to be preserved for long period and distances. Lokta papers are resistant to insects, and also to water to some extent that is the texts written are still preserved even though the papers get wet. This is probably the most desirable property of Lokta paper and the reason that Nepal government still uses them for all official documents.
  • Strength – Lokta papers are relatively stronger than other papers as the fibres of the barks, the raw materials, seem to remain intact after all the steps. Therefore small bags or pouches for everyday use are made of Lokta papers.
  • Sustainable – The raw material of Lokta is the bark of one of several species of the shrub, mainly Daphne papyracea, which grows in forests at an altitude of 6500 to 9500 feet (2000 to 3000 metres), is harvested and produced naturally. The bark of Lokta bushes is harvested by hand without destroying the plant, and naturally regenerates, reaching full maturity again in six to seven years.
  • Eco-friendly – The whole process of making Lokta paper uses a traditional method – collecting barks from the forests, sorting and cleaning, making pulp, drying pulp in the form of large sheets and packaging for use. A perfect example of making a Hand-Made product. So there is no use of chemicals or practice impacting the local environment adversely in any way. Moreover at the end of its use, Lokta papers can be recycled easily similar to any normal green product.


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