YetiCrafts at Pako Festival Geelong

YetiCrafts continues its tradition of participating at local cultural festivals and markets by putting a stall at Pako Festival Geelong ( on 28th Feb 2015 Saturday.

The YetiCrafts stall will showcase handmade traditional arts and crafts from Nepal, Thailand and other places. Visitors can purchase items on the spot as well as get to know more about YetiCrafts by chatting with us in person. Our mission is to promote local traditional sustainable handmade arts and crafts which create a win-win situation, benefiting local industries in developing countries such as Nepal and Thailand as well as arts/crafts lovers worldwide to be able to taste these unique craftsmanship which have been passed and refined over several generations.

Pako Festival brings out the spirit of multi-culturism not only in Geelong but in greater Victoria.  Cultural diversity in the form of Pako festival has been celebrated since 1983. This year’s theme “Different Therefore Equal” rightly suits the message. And YetiCrafts as an active community member will play a part to make a very successful Pako festival 2015.

We will stock products such as

Handmade Canvas Painting from Northern Thailand

Traditional Lokta Paper from Nepal

Handmade Cotton bags, Pashmina from Nepal

Very own Nepalese Allo items

Please visit our stall and let us make your life craftful!

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