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Yeticrafts Australia  was evolved and established in 2014 with a vision to promote local, traditional and authentic arts and crafts. We have several years of experience with local arts and crafts and have met many local artisians/craftsman-women along the way and absoloutely loved their work. We fall in love with their products. These carefully crafted authentic products are best in the market. Hence our Yeticrafts journey started to showcase this sustainable, traditional, ecofriendly  and handmade arts and crafts exclusively from Nepal and Thailand.

We work with small cottage industries and co-operatives run by families and communities in Nepal and Thailand. By working with these local industries, we create economic opportunities that transform their lives. We practice safe and respectful working environment, and share our profit fairly with the makers. We are social enterprise and every dollar you spent is helping other families and communities.

Our collection is a combination of unique design, traditional ingenuity display of true craftsmanship. We only uses exotic and natural raw materials that are being used for generations.

YetiCrafts strive to build and promote sustainable , ecofriendly and handmade quality crafts with high quality standard to provide best customer experience. Our mission is to enrich your life with beautiful crafts from around the world.

We are based in Melbourne and offer authentic cashmere products, canvas painting directly sourced from artist, products made from natural fibres such as – Allo products, Lokta papers, natural silk items etc. Most of our products are handmade and some of them are carefully done using machines where required. The items are for home/office decor, private collections, gifts/presents, fashion, clothing and other use.

Yeticrafts is here to enrich your life with best quality product with best possible shopping experience. By supporting YetiCrafts, you are helping to promote traditional arts and crafts by local indigenous people, and support them to continue preserve their unique culture and skills and also supporting them financially. We look forward to your company and support in our journey !!

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