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Lokta Paper- Unique Product of Ingenuity, Sustainability and Eco-friendly Practice in Nepal

Lokta paper is a unique product made in Nepal. People living in the Himalayas have passed the Lokta making skills over several generations. Thousand years’ old  scripts which were written on Lokta paper suggests the skill has been around for at least few thousands of years. So what is so special about the Lokta paper? […]

Allo – High Altitude Natural Fiber – Products from Nepal

Introduction Allo fiber has been used as a weaving thread for shawls, blankets, bags and clothes by several indigenous communities such as Magar and Rai  living in high mountains across Nepal. Making of Allo fiber and weaving has been an age-old process that has been handed down over countless generations, and was in verge of […]

KOLPA Bags in Melbourne, Australia

YetiCrafts has recently partnered with KOLPA, a designer and promoter of exclusive handicrafts from Nepal, to stock and sell their new products on our website You can find more about KOLPA at We at YetiCrafts are impressed with their products as well as share their mission: “At KOLPA, we work with people whose […]