YetiCrafts  is passionate about preserving sustainable and green practice of making arts and crafts, which has been passed over several generations in many developing countries. Our aim is to promote local , traditional  and authentic arts and crafts. These arts and crafts are mostly hand-made or hand-crafted to perfection. YetiCrafts partners with few selected small handicraft businesses to bring these best-of-the-breed beautiful arts and crafts to the wider world.

Authentic Cashmere from Nepal – Nepalese Pashmina Our Cashmere products are sourced from Nepal. These cashmere are the finest wool in the market and are produced from the neck and underbelly of high altitude goats called “Chyangra”. These goats are found in Himalayan (Mount Everest) region in Nepal and live at 14000 ft and above. The high altitude, genetic makeup enable the goats to grow this uniquely soft, feather-light wool. That is why these pure cashmere products are considered very rare and unique items for comfort wear and collection. These products are very light and provide the best and comfy warm during winter. Cashmere is also often called as “Pashmina”.

Chyangra hallmark Guarantee We only stock genuine items directly sourced from Nepal and all the products comes with Nepalese Government and Pashmina association  “Chyangra Pashmina hallmark guarantee”. labels. This system was introduced by Nepalese Government in 2011 to ensure the quality of this luxury product.


Our products are exclusively sourced from our manufactures who qualify to use this hallmark and we ensure every items are done to perfection with highest quality standard. Cashmere  items (stole/shawls/scarfs)  are must have for any stylish person who wants comfy warm and elegance. Check our range of Cashmere items in stock and we also provide new design cashmere products time to time and also take orders for any custom design requirement. Please contact us with your requirement. Visit our range of cashmere fashion items from Nepal – Click here

Canvas painting:

Yeticrafts is very proud to source these unique painting exclusively from Artists from Thailand and Nepal. Most of our Thai Paintings are hand crafted by  Mr Thawatchai,Chiang Rai. Mr Rai has mastered his arts in Thai style traditional canvas painting and very rare to find in the market. These colorful paintings fits perfectly with any house or office and provide that extra elegance required for decoration. Visit our range of canvas painting from Mr Rai – Click here

Natural Fibres Yeticrafts  promotes local, traditional and authentic crafts made from natural fibers. Our collection is a combination of unique design, traditional ingenuity display of true craftsmanship. We only uses exotic and natural raw materials that are being used for generations. YetiCrafts strive to build and promote sustainable , eco-friendly and handmade quality crafts with high quality standard to provide best customer experience. Our mission is to enrich your life with beautiful crafts from around the world. We provide  range of natural fibre items from – ALLO ,LOKTA , JUTTE, CARDAMOM, SILK, COTTON. Visit our store to find range of natural fibre items – click here natural fibrecrafts

Giving back to Community We work closely with small cottage industries and co-operatives run by families and communities in Nepal and Thailand. By working with these local industries, we create economic opportunities that transform their lives. We practice safe and respectful working environment, and share our profit fairly with the makers. We are social enterprise and every dollar you spent is helping other families and communities. By supporting YetiCrafts, you are helping to promote traditional arts and crafts by local indigenous people, and support them to continue preserve their unique culture and skills and also supporting them financially. We look forward to your company and support in our journey.  Follow us on at  facebook to find our more about our product , process and journey.

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