YetiCrafts sponsors Nepal Community Centre Fundraiser

As a part of our mission to be a valuable supporter to great community initiatives, YetiCrafts recently contributed as a Silver Sponsor to the Nepal Community Centre Fundraiser held on 24 June 2016 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Nepal Community Centre is a great initiative taken jointly by ANMC, NAV and NRN Victoria, leading Nepalese community organizations in Victoria, Australia. It has aimed to materialize the desire to have a physical place to serve ever growing Nepalese population in Victoria in many aspects such as cultural, religious and community needs. More than 200 people including the leading Nepalese figures gathered at a very successful gala dinner for such a great cause. Speech from Honorary Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria, Mr Chandra Yonzon, was the highlight of the event, who donated $50,000 for the cause on the night and promised to contribute whatever is necessary to make the project successful. Well done to the organizers for such an excellent event and YetiCrafts is very proud to be a part of it. For more information on the project, you can visit or

YetiCrafts will continue to look for and be supportive of such great events where all the community members come together to celebrate their culture, arts and crafts, language and heritage. YetiCrafts aims to become a leading outlet in Australia to offer top quality handmade authentic arts and crafts around the world. Many of the arts and crafts of our stock come from Nepal ranging from Allo, Lokta, Cashmere, Thangkas, Wooden Arts, etc. We source these items from the top suppliers in Nepal, many times directly from the local artisans, craftsmen and handicraft industries. Please feel free to contact us for any such needs.

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