Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina from Nepal

YetiCrafts is very pleased and excited to add another unique Himalayan product from Nepal in our ever-growing list of the handmade authentic top quality items for our customers – Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina. These are among the finest Cashmere Pashmina in the world.

1. Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina fiber from the Capra Hircus Goat

The Capra Hircus goat (locally called “Chyangra”) which is the source of the Cashmere Pashmina fiber lives at elevations of 14,000 feet and above, where temperatures rarely rise above minus 30 degrees centigrade in winter. Cashmere Pashmina is the goat’s soft underbelly down, which lies under the coarse outer hair. High altitude mountains occupy more than one third of Nepal’s land area, where the terrain and the climate are harsh. The goats generally graze on wild natural areas, only fittest ones survive in such climates. That makes the raw Cashmere Pashmina fiber 100% natural and organic.

2. Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina making techniques have been passed down over generations in Nepal

Making Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina is a lengthy process which requires immense patience, dexterity and dedication. The Cashmere Pashmina fiber is collected every spring, and is basically spun by hand. The yarn is spun on a spinning wheel known as Charkha. The weaving of the traditional Cashmere Pashmina shawls are done on handlooms. The weaving process is in itself an art, which has been passed down over generations, to give us the fabulous Cashmere Pashmina shawls. Dyeing is also done by hand. Dyers with immense patience and generations of experience are the ones who dye the Cashmere Pashmina shawls, as even the smallest negligence reflects on the quality of the product. Only natural dyes are used, making the shawls completely eco-friendly. Some of the steps have been improved by the use of modern technology, however the core remains same keeping the overall process sustainable, organic, green and difficult to master.

3. Why buy Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina from YetiCrafts?

This is an important question because you might find several others selling similar Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina. There are few we could state here. The founders of YetiCrafts have LIVED through the country, were born and raised in Nepal but also well traveled and lived in many other countries including Australia. Moreover from bottom of the heart, whole YetiCrafts family is passionate about the handmade arts and crafts, made out of authentic, traditional, quality, green and sustainable practice. These products also help sustain and employ the local community especially women, and at the same time continue preserve several generations’ old art and technique in Nepal. Only a few select local suppliers who have same principle and philosophy as us do business with us. These suppliers also hold Nepal Government’s “Chyangra Pashmina Trademark Label”, please see below for more information. In short, YetiCrafts get the finest at the fairest price with the top service to the global customers while contributing to the local community and economy. We don’t see any reason why you would not buy from us!

4. Nepal Government’s “Chyangra Pashmina Trademark Label”

In order to maintain the authenticity and quality of Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina produced in Nepal (Pashmina being its one of the biggest export revenue sources), the Nepalese Government has introduced the prestigious “Chyangra Pashmina Hallmark” for the CHYANGRA PASHMINA label.

– Exporters may only obtain the Chyangra Pashmina trademark label if their Pashmina products comply to a rigid process of accreditation.
– Manufacturers in Nepal must undergo stringent procedures to have their garments registered and each item can  be traced back to its original source.

All our suppliers are accredited to use the “Chyangra Pashmina Hallmark”, ensuring the origin, authenticity and quality of the Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina items at YetiCrafts. Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina are available primarily as 100% pure or mixed with Silk (e.g. 30%).

A note on Cashmere Pashmina Care Instructions:

As Cashmere Pashmina is made of soft fibre, it needs a great care to give a great and long-lasting service. Few tips are

– Do not use washing machine or dryer.
– Best have it professionally dry cleaned or hand wash in luke warm water with a woolen wash.
– Roll your Cashmere Pashmina very gently in a towel, and lay it flat to dry

Please check out our great variety of Chyangra Cashmere Pashmina Shawls, Scarves, Stoles, Beanies, and Cardigans at YetiCrafts. Enjoy Shopping!

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