YetiCrafts brings you the confidence for online shopping with us because

  1. YetiCrafts is an Melbourne Australia based registered business. YetiCrafts details can be found at About YetiCrafts.
  2. YetiCrafts use industry leading technologies and management practices to run the business.
  3. Guaranteed genuine and quality items directly sourced from the local artists and manufacturers, and some selected suppliers.
  4. Yeticrafts use most secured encryption process to protect the customer information.
  5. YetiCrafts promote sustainable and environment friendly practices across our business operations.
  6. YetiCrafts aims to create and promote win-win situation for all parties involved from artists to customers.
  7. YetiCrafts is a social enterprise with vision to promote local arts and crafts from cottage industries. Hence every dollar you spent is also helping community and cottage industries.
  8. For more about Yeticrafts brand and its process visit – Why Yeticrafts or follow us on Facebook on – YeticraftsAu